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Antique Auction Sat. November 15, 2014

Masonic Lodge 1101 Highland Ave.
(Rte. 95/128 Exit19B) Needham, Ma.
Auction Preview; 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Auction starts at 11:30 a.m.

For inquiries call Phyllis O'Leary at 617-734-3967
e-mail:orp3@comcast.net Fax: 617-739-4845

web www.olearyantiquesauctions.com

For Day of sale inquires (up until 10:30am) please call
617-285-7040 or 508-395-2444

Terms: cash, approved check, MC/Visa
16% buyer's premium 2.5% discount for cash or good check
(Please see "Terms" page for complete terms)



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  Hubley cat door stop 8 1/4” h x 6”w, pr. of Art Deco
peacock door stops 4 1/2”h x 5”w.
Crossed swords Meissen figurine of young man & woman, tip of axe missing.

Crossed swords bust of young woman with plumes and pearls intertwined in her hat 8 2/16" h x 5 1/2" w, Amphora signed on back of figurine E. Stellmacher, signed under base Rstk Turn Teplitz 8 1/2"h x 6"w.

Hutchenreuther porcelain figurine “Running Horses” 16 1/4” h x 24” w. 60 6/8”h x 31 1/2” w 19 1/4”d. Needs restoration. Hutchenreuther porcelain figurine “Rearing Dapple Grey Stallion” 12 7/8 h x 10 1/8” w.  
  German possibly Franziska Hirsch porcelain figures of women & putti 11"h x 9 3/8 w. Woman standing on top of rock with putti frolicking with fish, approx. 15 1/2”h x 12” w.

Amphora figure of a Neo Classical woman,
signed RSTK Turn Teplitz, 26 1/2" h.

Josef M. Mayer “Munich Child” signed lithopane beer stein of a monk holding bunches of radishes.

  Pr. Of Wood carved wall wall hooks, bear
13”h x 9”w, dog 14”h x 5” w.
Pr. Of Wood carved wall wall hooks,
bear 13”h x 9”w, dog 14”h x 5” w.

Ornate table with full figured Men holding swords
29 3/4”h x 29 1/2” d.

Low tile 7”h x 5”w.Portrait of 19th C. woman

  Bronze of Abraham Lincoln by Gorham Foundry signed left corner base MFA, signed left corner base Gorham Foundry, signed back of Abraham Lincoln George Bissell s.c. copyrighted. Overall 16” H x 10” w. Asthetic movt. wall mirror with face of woman and sunburst design 14 3/4”h x 10 1/8”w.

19th C. snare drum, with George Washington, label states manufacturer & repairer located Charlestown Mass. 13 1/4”h x 16 7/8”w.

Four canes.one with compass, carved ivory head of 19th C. woman,one bone cane missing handle, one smaller bone cane missing a part of handle.