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Antique Auction Sat. November 15, 2014

Masonic Lodge 1101 Highland Ave.
(Rte. 95/128 Exit19B) Needham, Ma.
Auction Preview; 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Auction starts at 11:30 a.m.

For inquiries call Phyllis O'Leary at 617-734-3967
e-mail:orp3@comcast.net Fax: 617-739-4845

web www.olearyantiquesauctions.com

For Day of sale inquires (up until 10:30am) please call
617-285-7040 or 508-395-2444

Terms: cash, approved check, MC/Visa
16% buyer's premium 2.5% discount for cash or good check
(Please see "Terms" page for complete terms)




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  A. Heintzelman "Albert Schweitzer" etch. sight ,11 11/16" h x 9 3/4" w.sign. in pencil A. Heintzelman "Study of Old Woman" drypoint, sight 12"h x 8 7/8"w sign. in pencil.

A. Heintzelman "Le Roi Des Clowns" (Sans Biagne) sight 10 7/8"h x 8 7/8"w. sign. in pencil.

A. Heintzelman " Amish Elder" sight 9 5/8"h x 7 3/4" w sign. in pencil

  "Valley Dweller" etch. by Arthur Heintzelman sign.
Sight 13 1/2"h x 10"w.”
"Beethoven Composing" by Arthur Heintzelman
drypoint, sight 11 3/4" x 8 3/4"w.

"Adolphe Appia" etch. 12"h x 8"w..

"Old Peasant Woman" drypoint by Arthur Heintzelman, sight 9 1/4"h x 6"w

  A. Heintzleman “ Maestro Toscanni” drypoint, sight 9 13/16”h x 8”w sign. in pencil.. A. Heintzleman “ Head Study” drypoint, sight 6 1/2”h x 5 3/4”w sign. in pencil. A. Heintzleman “ Lancaster County Farmer” sight 12”h x 8 5/16”w, sign. in pencil. A. Heintzleman “Quaker Grandmother”drypoint, sight 11 11/16 h x 8 1/4” w sign. in pencil..